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Pictures from the FIRST Pride in 2021

The Lift Bridge
The Founders
The crowd
Chlldren dancing and having fun
Petting Zoo
Unicorn Rides!!!!
Mona hosting the shows
Vivian M.C
The Legend Danyel Vasquez
Kona Ice was just one of the many vendors
Dakota Cox
Desiree Monroe giving her talent!
Sue Hagan Sings to the Crowd
old friends
Ava doing face painting
Desiree with the children in her number
photo booth pics
Families gathered in love
Kym and her grandson
Just a few of the 1,000's who attended
Vivian, Pineapple, and Zoey
The Balloon photo booth
waiting to go on
Anhedonia Delight
Gingerella doing her number
Vivian Vendetta Sinclair
Pineapple giving face!
Pineapple high kickin for the crowd
Talent show contestants getting ready
Kaleigha Diamond performs at talent show
Talent Show Contestants
Zoey performing
Zoey performing strong

Areal Videos of Pride 2022

Drag Show Video

Drag Show Video

Play Video
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