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What's Next?

Did someone say CRUISE to ALASKA?....
Or what about Mexico???
How about Hawaii!!??

Enter to win an all inclusive cruise for 2

Winner will be drawn at Pride June 15, 2024
Winner need not be present
Anyone, Anywhere 21 and over can enter


*Airfare and gratuity not included

Don't just attend Pride 2024
Be a part of it!


Click on a medal

Sign up for our Yoga class with Leah Hartman.  
Class will be on Bridge Street June 15 at 10:30am

Cost is DONATION only (if you can't give that is fine too).
  A portion of proceeds will go towards Pride.

"From the very moment it all started, when two pastors, a drag queen, and a librarian joined forces.., I have had a strong desire within to carry on the legacy we started that day and never look back or allow anything to stop it!  For this is my passion!"

Mona Lotz

"Mona Lotz"

Michael S. Riffe

Founder & President

Pride Founder Michael Riffe

Becke Beeman

Founder & Vice President

"Making Ashtabula Pride a reality is a goal of mine that I hold onto and value.  I want to be a crucial part in the continual building of the foundation that was set before me, by those who began to bridge the gap and celebrate our community for generations to come."

Donations are always appreciated!

Your generous donation will come to us 100%, no fees taken out when you donate through Zeffy!

          Any amount can be entered in form  

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